Krugerrand Gold Coin Value


Krugerrand Gold Coin Value

krugerrand gold coin value

    coin value

  • The value of a collector?s coin depends above all on the numbers still available (rarity), and, furthermore, the condition, if old coins are concerned (value specifications in catalogues are guidelines for sales prices).


  • A gold bullion coin of South Africa. It is composed of .9167 fine gold. Exists in 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce sizes.
  • South African gold coin Gold Krugerrands from South Africa were introduced in 1967, and dominated the gold bullion market in the U.S. from 1974 through the early 1980’s. They are struck in 22 karat gold (91.
  • A South African gold coin with a portrait of President Kruger on the obverse
  • The Krugerrand is a South African gold coin, first minted in 1967 to help market South African gold. It is produced by the South African Mint Company.


  • A yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued esp. for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies
  • made from or covered with gold; “gold coins”; “the gold dome of the Capitol”; “the golden calf”; “gilded icons”
  • amber: a deep yellow color; “an amber light illuminated the room”; “he admired the gold of her hair”
  • A deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color
  • coins made of gold
  • An alloy of this

krugerrand gold coin value – A Guide

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Man’s many desires are like the small metal coins he carries about in his pocket.
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krugerrand gold coin value

krugerrand gold coin value

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